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An Alpha Team is a TBN supported group of individual members who have the desire to work with a team to exceed their goals. Our team-building strategy motivates these individuals to develop a focus as a team, which fuels the execution of new business opportunities beyond their original goals from networking. An Alpha Team can foster new business through facilitating our meetings as well as their own workshops or seminars, or create their own opportunity.

There are 2 objectives as a member of an Alpha Team:

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Dayna K Solomon replied to Julie Matheny's discussion Vending Company Needed
"My Brother In Law is VP of this company: Innovative Vending…"
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"Thank you all!  These positions have been filled! Sheri"

Request Board

Vending Company Needed

Started by Julie Matheny in Request Board. Last reply by Dayna K Solomon on Monday. 2 Replies

Now Hiring!!!

Started by Sheri Miller in Request Board. Last reply by Sheri Miller on Monday. 1 Reply

Big Brews & Blues Event May 15th

Started by Michael J Martens in Request Board Apr 29. 0 Replies

I Need Your Help!!

Started by Mary Lenart in Request Board Apr 27. 0 Replies

Spring Fling Open House

Started by Emily Hole in Request Board. Last reply by Larry Shideler Apr 27. 1 Reply

Deerfield TBN

Started by Rob Fields in Request Board. Last reply by Larry Shideler Apr 24. 1 Reply

Getting a TAX REFUND this year??

Started by Jason Austerman in Request Board. Last reply by Jason Austerman Apr 15. 2 Replies

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