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Welcome to the fastest-growing business networking organization in the region where we provide 7 Resources to you and your business:

  • Quality People
  • Plenty of Networking Opportunities (see our calendar)
  • Personal Development
  • Increased Sales
  • Marketing Support
  • Referral Opportunities
  • Online Community


You belong to an awesome, exclusive, community of professionals that also wants to grow their business as well as themselves. 3 things we strongly suggest you do RIGHT AWAY: Be likeable & friendly. Why? That’s how you make friends and isn’t that another reason you joined? Schedule and go on 3-5 1:1s per week. Sign-up and participate on this TBN Directory if you haven't already (click sign-up at the top of the page). Why? Because when people search for your business you want to be found easily. If you haven’t paid your membership just yet, do so by paying online HERE so you have FULL access. Be sure to visit our Get Started page for more information about our Membership Guidelines, Standards, and Best Practices! 


Want more from your Networking TIME?

Join or create an Alpha Team


An Alpha Team is a TBN supported group of individual members who have the desire to work with a team to exceed their goals. Our team-building strategy motivates these individuals to develop a focus as a team, which fuels the execution of new business opportunities beyond their original goals from networking. An Alpha Team can foster new business through facilitating our meetings as well as their own workshops or seminars, or create their own opportunity.

There are 2 objectives as a member of an Alpha Team:

  • One is to work together as a team to foster new business opportunities individually as well as for the team.
  • Two, and optional, facilitate a fun, interactive TBN Meeting. It’s only optional because you can participate on a team that is not associated with a meeting.

Contact us at 513-371-5299 for more information on the Alpha Team program.


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High-Energy, Working together on an activity, & Communicating Needs…which equates to HIGHLY INTERACTIVITY Meetings.

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Improve your practices in:

  • Referral Marketing
  • New Business Development
  • Collaboration

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