Boots on the Ground: Helping homeless veterans find their way back

I want to share this email that I just received from a friend about a project in Detroit to help Homeless Veterans back to work and earning a living wage.I am asking for any support for this project. It could be a simple as sharing it with others and getting the word out to as wide a net as possible. 

From: Jarret Alan Schlaff a href="" target="_blank">>
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2016 6:49 PM
To: Boots on the Ground
Subject: Boots on The Ground Boots Are Here!
Hello friends & supporters, 

You are getting this email because you've been an invaluable part of our 2 year journey to create work for veterans overcoming homelessness in Detroit by employing them to build boots for the world. I am so grateful for you all. We have come a long way. 

We are finally pre-selling our boots!!! The “Boots on the Ground” crowdfunding campaign launched today! 
We NEED YOUR support in spreading the word. We are pre-selling 500 boots in two different styles over the next 30 days to meet our funding goals. Would you be the difference for us by sharing this exciting news via some of the content below with your networks via email & social media? 
We'll keep you updated on big news as the campaign develops. 

Alongside you,

Cooperating for a living wage & reimagining what it means to wage a living. 

Jarret Alan Schlaff
Co-Founder & CEO
Pingree Mfg
Project Boots on the Ground  


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