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Our “Best Practices” will help you get started with how to network more effectively in TBN as well as other organizations.

Do your 1:1s – Everyone in your existing network along with new people that you meet when you network is a prospect. There are 4 types of prospects out there when you network:

  1. Friend
  2. Client
  3. Referral Partner
  4. Collaborative Partner

It's up to you and how you handle the situation to figure out who the prospect turns out to be. In order to find out, you have to treat everyone equally. Judging someone from the first time you meet them at a meeting or event can be dangerous. Minimize the danger of a missed opportunity by following through on 1:1 and beyond.


How to do your 1:1s – 1:1s are the key to your success building relationships.  Whether you are building relationships with friends, clients, referral partners, or collaborative partners, you must have a 2 objectives in your 1:1s:  1) Find a commonality.  This is accomplished by getting to know who they are, not just what they do.  Ask questions such as;  Where are you from?  Married? Kids? What brought you to your business? 2) Add value to the other person - You can only do this through your knowledge and experience.  Ask questions such as: 1) What are your goals? 2) What are your challenges? These questions will help you uncover enough information to add value.  If you follow these two objectives, you will find it easier to develop the relationships you require to develop more business.


10-5-3 Rule – Socials are a different animal in networking.  Some people find them easy to attend and some people do not. Either way if you go in with a plan, you’ll likely be much more successful! 


  1. 10 - Meet and share a conversation with 10 people you don't know.  Keep the conversation simple, yet effective. Questions such as:  What do you do?  How long have you been doing your business?  Where do you live?  End the conversation with “It was great talking with you, do you mind if I call you to schedule a 1:1?  Take their business card and move to the next person.  Remember, the one who speaks the least WINS.
  2. 5 - At least 5 of those people will tell you for sure that they will do the 1:1 with you. Don't take it personal if the others don't respond, they may not know what a 1:1 is.
  3. 3 - At least 3 of the 5 will actually sit down for the 1:1 (again don't take it personal). Since you've worked very diligently to get the 1:1's at this point, don't be a product/service pusher when you get to them. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send an email to or call the office at 513-371-5299.

Thank you

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